Scheduled Maintenance

Hi, if you expected a weekly post here I am extremely glad that you are someone who checks out my blog regularly. However, this week I am skipping my regular post. No, I am not traveling nor am I absolutely crushed by 1001 deadlines. In fact, I had a solid post mapped out and even partially written, but I did not have the energy to fully wrap it up in time.

What’s going to happen next?

First, I am going to be traveling mid of October onwards (within the USA), so catch me on tour (not really). Hence, I am likely to have more travel and conference content rather than the “vignettes” style posts. Nevertheless stay tuned as I will try to provide some form of content be it travel updates or micro-posts at least every Monday.

Second, I am seriously debating taking a tropical vacation. I wish it meant going to an actual tropical resort, but rather I mean a cursory exploration of: (a) tropical geometry (via Maclagan and Sturmfels, 2009); (b) algebraic statistics (via Sullivant, 2018) ; and (c) how all of this relates to bioinformatics (via papers + some of the Lior Pachter’s blog posts). I am not perfectly sure this is the journey I am interested in for the next few months, but it is one of the possibilities I am exploring.

Third, I believe that my most recent posts were avoidant of code snippets which is in part justified by the lack of time to write out meaningful code primers. However, this is not the format I am fully enjoying. I believe that code snippets bring the life to abstract concepts and provide an extra layer of interactive experience that can be beneficial in learning process. Hence, I will be making more effort to bring some code to the posts going forward.

Have a good spooky month! 🎃 👻

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